Two Weeks with a SEAL: Book 1 in the Wakefield Romance Series

two weeks cover ideaTwo Weeks with a SEAL is my newest work. It’s a contemporary romance set in Wakefield, Virginia. It is the story of small town girl Rhea Griggs, who has suffered a lot of loss in her 25 years of life, and how she finds love. She has been in love with her older brother’s best friend, Chadwick Payne, since she was five and he was ten, but she’s never had the guts to really tell him. Her brother and Chad are Navy SEALs and when trajedy strikes, again, Rhea leaves her heart open. What she doesn’t realize is that Chad has been in love with her since he can remember and he’s never loved another. Can they overcome separation? Can they overcome an aggressive redneck who thinks he has dibbs on Rhea? Find out in “Two Weeks with a SEAL” due out soon on

14 thoughts on “Two Weeks with a SEAL: Book 1 in the Wakefield Romance Series

  1. When does number two come out. I just finished the fury one in two days!!! And I want to know if he comes home!! I’m already dying.

  2. Kim says:

    I would love to know when the next book in the Wakefield Series is coming out! I loved Two Weeks with A Seal and I am so ready to read the next one!!!!!

  3. Reina Hernandez says:

    I loved 2 weeks with a seal and i have been dying for book 2. i found out that coming home was free on smashwords the day after it expired and i was so sad. When will coming home be available for free on iBooks?

  4. Michele Ahmed says:

    I love the series. I keep rereading every chance I get. Keep them coming.

  5. Sara Haydar says:

    Amaziiiingggggg I’m so in love with it !!!

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