Cover Reveal for Rowena’s Revenge tomorrow, 10/23!

Cover Reveal for Rowena's Revenge tomorrow, 10/23!

The cover reveal of my latest Paranormal Romance will be tomorrow, hosted by Lady Readers Bookstuff.

Rowena’s Revenge is Book 5 in the Broadus Supernatural Society Series.
You can add it to your Goodreads shelf from the link below and it is set to be released on Halloween as a special TREAT to my readers.

Rowena’s life has never been easy.
Being part Were and part Fae fire-starter she has learned to live a solitary life, depending only on her own instincts until one mistake throws her into danger. Now being chased by a psychopathic Warlock who is bound and determined to “own” her, Rowena must rely on her newly found mates and family. But is she ready to trust? Or will her damaged heart plunge her into darkness?
Blaine is a strong wolf, wanting to protect his new mate with his life. When a new man comes into her life, he can’t help but be jealous. Will it drive him into betrayal? Or will he accept their new life too late?
Penton has lived hundreds of years looking for his mate. Now he’s found her, but can he keep her safe long enough to get her back to Montana?
Will one of these three pay the ultimate price for love? Or will evil finally descend upon Broadus, Montana and The Big Sky Pack?

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Hi guys!

Just stopping in to show some love to my good friend, musical genius, Mike Marlinski. Stop on over at and give his new ebook, The Wicked Descend, a download. It’s FREE!

Here’s the description:

Callum Hammond is a hot shot naval aviator who is selected to pilot an advanced space craft, for a top secret mission to Charon, a moon of Pluto. Charon is the source of strange vocal radio transmissions that his superiors have been intercepting for some time. Simone West is a CIA field agent, specializing in matters of the highest level of sensitivity. She is also Callum’s ex. She is assigned to lead the mission and is sent to accompany Callum and his crew. Upon reaching Charon, the team discovers a strange man in an underground atmospheric chamber, who appears to have been marooned. Upon collecting him and transporting him back to Earth, a series of catastrophic events is set into motion that threatens the lives of the crew, as well as the entire human race. The discoveries made call every theory about the origins of the human race and the planet Earth into question, and even provide some new insight as to how the universe itself came to be.

Once you guys have checked out this awesome sounding ebook head on over to his Facebook page and give him a ‘like’ because he deserves it. He has been a great supporter of all of my work and I wish him all of the success he deserves!

Also don’t forget to stop by my Facebook page,, and reply ‘Going’ to the I Never Asked You To Save Me release day event on June 23rd.
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