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Two Weeks With a SEAL is FREE-FREE-FREE for a Limited Time!!!

It is the 1st book in my bestselling military romance series!

Share and tell your reader friends so that they can come and fall in love with Wakefield!

Giveaway Time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Win a Kindle Paperwhite!

<a href="a Rafflecopter giveaway “>Giveaway Time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Win a Kindle Paperwhite!

In celebration of We Roam The Seas releasing tomorrow I am having a HUGE Rafflecopter giveaway.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

There are many prizes from some awesome authors, including:

R.E. Butler
Heather D’Agostino
Red Phoenix
Scarlett Jade
Vicki Green
Ella Jade
Emily Minton
Lynetta Halat
W. Ferraro
Felicia Lyn
and many, many others!

Plus, the Grand Prize is a Kindle Paper-white sent to YOUR door!!!
What better gift other than the gift of reading?!?!?!

I hope you will ‘like’ all the options and share the love and celebration spirit of a book release! Links will be posted tomorrow when We Roam The Seas is live.

Giveaway goes till the 18th.

Thanks again!
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Hey everyone!
Hope you are doing well! It’s been a crazy couple of weeks since the release of Book 3 in The Wakefield Romance Series, but I’m glad most of you are liking it. Keep reviewing and rating it!

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Also I’m pretty excited to say that I’ve signed up for a book signing in July 2014 in Greenville, NC. Stop by the Southern Girls Author Event and give them a like to be kept in the loop.



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Hi guys!

Just stopping in to show some love to my good friend, musical genius, Mike Marlinski. Stop on over at and give his new ebook, The Wicked Descend, a download. It’s FREE!

Here’s the description:

Callum Hammond is a hot shot naval aviator who is selected to pilot an advanced space craft, for a top secret mission to Charon, a moon of Pluto. Charon is the source of strange vocal radio transmissions that his superiors have been intercepting for some time. Simone West is a CIA field agent, specializing in matters of the highest level of sensitivity. She is also Callum’s ex. She is assigned to lead the mission and is sent to accompany Callum and his crew. Upon reaching Charon, the team discovers a strange man in an underground atmospheric chamber, who appears to have been marooned. Upon collecting him and transporting him back to Earth, a series of catastrophic events is set into motion that threatens the lives of the crew, as well as the entire human race. The discoveries made call every theory about the origins of the human race and the planet Earth into question, and even provide some new insight as to how the universe itself came to be.

Once you guys have checked out this awesome sounding ebook head on over to his Facebook page and give him a ‘like’ because he deserves it. He has been a great supporter of all of my work and I wish him all of the success he deserves!

Also don’t forget to stop by my Facebook page,, and reply ‘Going’ to the I Never Asked You To Save Me release day event on June 23rd.
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“Siofra’s Fight” Book 4 in my Paranormal Romance series is out!

Siofra’s Fight is up on Smashwords and FREE only till Thursday, so grab it up!

“Her nerves and emotions have gotten the best of telepathic Siofra, forcing her to stay away from her Montana home where her husband and sons are waiting for her. When the Master Vampire of Las Vegas makes it known that he wants her for his own, her new found mate, Abe, and some new fang-bearing friends have to take her home. Conall loves her no matter what and with Dyson, they will see her through anything. When their family comes under direct danger from the Master Vampire, can Siofra embrace her magic to put an end to the psychopathic blood sucker? Magical beings gather in Book 4 with a special preview for Book 5. ”

Please check it out!

Coupon Code for Coming Home Book 2 The Wakefield Romance Series

Since so many of you have messaged, commented and tweeted me about a coupon code for Coming Home, here it is. Use KS44Y on Smashwords to get it FREE until 2/28/2013. This is a gift, so please don’t let it slip away. 

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