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Two Weeks With a SEAL is FREE-FREE-FREE for a Limited Time!!!

It is the 1st book in my bestselling military romance series!

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Two Weeks With a SEAL is up on Amazon!

Two Weeks With a SEAL is up on Amazon!

Hi guys!

I just wanted to let all the Kindle users out there know that my contemporary romance, Two Weeks With a SEAL, is now available on Amazon for $.99! The profits will be donated to the Wounded Warrior Project, so if you have any friends that only use Kindle, ask them to spare the $.99 to help our wounded soldiers! 

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Hey guys!

Hope your Mondays are going great! Just wanted to let you guys know that my ebook, Two Weeks With a SEAL, is up to #23 on the Goodreads poll, First-in-Series-2013. You can still vote here at .

Book 4 in The Broadus Supernatural Society Series, Siofra’s Fight, is with my beta/editor! The release for that will probably be mid-month as I still need to fine tune it when it comes back and add all of the important stuff like contact info, title pages, dedication, blah blah blah.

I am still working on Book 3 in The Wakefield Romance Series, “I Never Asked You To Save Me”, slow but sure. The release date for that might be pushed back to mid-April, but I’m not really sure yet. I’ll keep ya’all posted on that.

Also, if you guys haven’t, please write a review for either Two Weeks With a SEAL or Coming Home, or any of The Broadus Supernatural Society Series books on Barnes and Noble, iTunes, etc. Reviews help people decide whether or not they would like to read it and as I’ve been reminded a couple of times in the last day or two, the story might not be everyones cup of tea, but a good review always helps.

If you guys don’t already, please like me on Facebook at, as I like to post on there more often. I posted a question a couple of days back, requesting that you post your favorite quote/moment from Coming Home and I would reveal the cover for Book 3. So far I’ve only gotten 4 comments, so that’s a little disappointing. Follow me on Twitter from the link on the side of this blog, I always welcome new followers.

As always, I appreciate the feedback. Feel free to leave comments on here, message me on Facebook, DM me on Twitter. I love to hear from everyone!

Well I hope you all have a great week!

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Coupon Code for Coming Home Book 2 The Wakefield Romance Series

Since so many of you have messaged, commented and tweeted me about a coupon code for Coming Home, here it is. Use KS44Y on Smashwords to get it FREE until 2/28/2013. This is a gift, so please don’t let it slip away. 

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New excerpt from “Coming Home”!

Hey guys! I hope your weekend is starting out good because it sure is a snowy one here in Buffalo. Well, if you follow my Facebook Author page, you know that I promised you another snippett, and here it is. This is from Chad. It’s a little shorter, but it’s a good one, so I hope it gets your minds churning, LOL 😉


The desert sun was hot on my back as we all stood outside in the firing range waiting for our targets to be set up by some Marines. We have been at it for the last three hours, waking up at the crack of dawn like we always do and starting our day as a Team on a eight mile run. It was now a little before ten so our daily drills would be coming to a close as the heat would rise to an unsafe temperature soon enough.
The torso targets are all set and French issues the all clear command. Bringing my M-4 up, I keep in-step with Reno and the others as well all empty the magazines, letting them swing to our sides and un-holstering our nine millimeter service issued SIGs, emptying the clips on those as we end up right in front of our targets. French and our commanding Major inspect the targets, nodding to each other we’re let go to have the rest of the day.
We all strip our Kevlar vests and clean our guns before entering the barracks, leaving our gear in our lockers. Timmons and Uclid flop down on the couches, flicking on the television to surf the channels while Benson and Black rack the balls on the pool table to pick up where our tournament left off. I toss my sweat-soaked clothes in the hamper on my way to the shower, hearing shouts from the guys as they razz me about my junk once again and I flip them all off over my shoulder as I slam the shower door shut.
I leave the cold water running strong and let it run over my shoulders, cooling me off to a point where I don’t feel like my skin is boiling. “Chief, you in here?” I hear Reno’s voice and the door next to mine slamming shut.
“Yeah,” I say, wiping the water from my face and pumping some body wash into my palm. Two seconds later as I’m scrubbing away I hear a blast of salsa music fill the air, Reno joining in with the lyrics making me laugh out loud. I feel a million times better when I shut the water off, squeezing it from my hair and wrapping the towel around my waist.
Fending off comments from Timmons and Uclid, I make it through the ‘living room’ without having to whip off my towel and lay the smack down, flinging myself down on my bunk. With my arms folded behind my head I stare up at the new picture I had printed off early this morning after my Skype conversation with Rhea. It was a snapshot of the ultrasound she had had done on Friday, and it was amazing that this was a part of both of us. There in that grainy black and white was a face, two hands and feet. You can even pick out his or her profile, their nose, even their little fingers up near their face. She was a little upset that they hadn’t been able to tell the gender but she said that the doctor said they would try again in another couple of weeks and I told her that it didn’t matter to me as long as they were both healthy and that it waited till I was home to meet the world.
I sure hope I can be there. Reno and I haven’t heard back from Washington about pushing up our retirement date so we’ve been kind of on edge the last week or two. He is always worried that Rosa was feeling overwhelmed and lonely but I kept reassuring him that she had Rhea and Kendall and that for the last couple of weekends she’s been spending them at our house in Wakefield. He was just as much worried about his wife as I was about Rhea.
It wasn’t helping that I was still having that damn nightmare. I was home, walking through the door with flowers in hand finding an absolutely empty house, complete with a decorated nursery. Running through every room, I sprint across to my mom’s house bursting through the front door to hear her crying. I always find her kneeling on the floor in the kitchen, holding a crying infant with Rhea’s blue-grey eyes and she hands the baby to me then disappears. The baby stops crying, its eyes peering up at me as its little hands reach out to me from underneath a little blanket. What’s different recently and that I haven’t shared with Rhea is that as I stand there rocking this baby back and forth Duke Orr’s voice finds my ears, whispering “I tol’ you boy that she was mine.””

As I’ve said before, my tentative release date is Valentine’s Day. I am meeting with my beta/editor later today so hopefully it’s good news! *fingers crossed* I will be sure to keep you all posted via my Facebook, Twitter and here.
Also, I’ve been working furiously on “Siofra’s Fight”, Book 4 in The Broadus Supernatural Society Series, so hopefully by mid-March, that one will be released. And I’m super, SUPER excited to be working on Book 3 in The Wakefield Romance Series, “I Never Asked You To Save Me” the story of Bobby Timmons and Ellie Mae Griggs-Heart. Stay tuned for more info on that *wink wink*
Thanks again for the support, I really am thankful for all of it.
As always, stay safe and stay wierd.

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Hey all!

Thanks for all the feedback, I’m loving it! I appreciate all of it. Just so you guys know, I publish at Smashwords, they then send it to distributors such as Barnes and Noble, iTunes, Sony, Kobo, etc. Once I’ve published the book, it can take anywhere from a week to two or three for it to show up at the other distributors. I have no control over how fast the book gets to apps such as iTunes, it’s just a sit and wait kind of thing.

Also, Coming Home will be free when it first comes out, but I will be changing it to a $.99 charge, because well lets face it, I’m a poor blue collar woman. I have bills to pay 🙂 as do all of you, so I appreciate you taking your time to read my work. I love to read all of your feedback. It makes all of the work I’ve put in worth it, so keep it coming!

Also, I’m already working out an outline for a 3rd book. It will have Rhea and Chad, but not as main characters. The focus points of this one will be SEAL Team Member, Bobby Timmons, and Rhea’s cousin, Ellie, who you will be introduced to in Coming Home. (!!!! I Love her, she’s going to be fun to work on). If you’re on my Facebook Author page, you’ve already probably listened to the song for Timmons, written by my awesome friends, Mike Marlinski and Steve Surprenant. If you haven’t, DO IT NOW! They are awesome, Metal magicians. I have no idea when this edition to The Wakefield Romance Series will be done, so be patient.

Also, I’m still working on the 4th installment in The Broadus Supernatural Society Series, Siofra’s Fight, and will post more about that when it’s close to being ready. If you guys haven’t checked out that series, please do. They are a little more graphic, with adult situations, so please be warned if you don’t like reading that kind of thing. Werewolves are close to my heart, so they are pretty special.

If you guys can find me, follow me on Pnterest. TMarguerite, or Theresa Marguerite, I’m not sure how to look someone up on there, lol. I post pics that inspire and represent characters, situations, places, etc, in all of my books, and some Randomness. Sometimes I get carried away. Follow me on Twitter as well, @TMarguerite, I’m happy to have new followers and I follow back.

Thanks for reading my rambling!

As always, stay weird, stay cool and stay safe!


My new contemporary romance will be out soon!!

I’m working hard on finishing my newest work, “Two Weeks with a SEAL” so it should be ready soon, probably before Christmas [hopefully :-)]. I’m really proud of Rhea’s story so I hope you all will like it when you read it. She’s a good ol’ country girl who falls for a good ol’ country boy who just happens to be a Navy SEAL, and her older brother’s best friend!
You’ll go on the roller coaster of emotions with her and Chad, and I hope that you love them as much as I do. Their story is far from over and I’m already working on a sequel that will wrap up their story. Well that’s all for now.
Hope your holiday season is going well!