Siofra’s Fight Book 4 The Broadus Supernatural Society Series

Being emotionally distraught, Siofra is hesitant to go back to Montana with were-tiger ( and new found mate) Abe. When a Master Vampire makes his intentions towards Siofra well known, she must rely on some new fang-wielding friends to help her. When her family comes under direct danger, can Siofra embrace her magic and stop a great evil from forming. Magical being abound in Book 4, ending in a special preview for Book 5.

4 thoughts on “Siofra’s Fight Book 4 The Broadus Supernatural Society Series

  1. I “Loved” your Broadus Supernatural Society series.I read through all four books so fast I can’t wait for book 5! Siofra gets into so many crazy and bizarre situations, I’m just holding my breath the whole time I’m reading. I read a lot of books in the fantasy paranormal category and your right up there at the top!! Thank you for sharing your imagination in these thrilling books. I just have to know when book 5 is coming out

    Have a super day!
    Your Awesome

  2. Holly Douglas says:

    I am one of those readers that is always excited go find new authors. i love most genre, paranormal romance has been been one of my favourites and my niece reintroduced me to it about 2 years ago with Gena Showalter, than several months ago i renewed my phone contract with an iPhone and discovered the world of e-books. I read Soifra’s Song and couldn’t put it down and was delighted to discover the next 3 books which I quickly read. I am captivated by your characters and stories. Soifra is challenged by many of her experiences the reader is right there with her hoping for her survival and that she will come out stronger. And the MEN in her life well… mmmm. Makes me what it live in that world.
    I am so looking forward to that next book in the series.
    Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful imagination. I will be sharing your books with my niece and friends.

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