Siofra’s Change: Book 3 The Broadus Supernatural Society Series

Siofra's Change Cover2

One Christmas Eve car accident changes Siofra’s life forever. Six months later, Siofra and Conall are still trying to deal with the tragedy. Therapy helps her and she meets an intriguing new friend who introduces her to an incredibly handsome, badass Berserker wolf who gives Siofra the tingles. Lerking in the shadows is a revenge driven wolf who will stop at nothing to see Siofra suffer, so he frees an ancient evil. Cast into the dark Pryor Mountains, Siofra comes face to face with Bronton and his siblings, nursed back from her attack on them one summer ago. Discovering a heart shattering circumstance added to her situation, Siofra is faced with bringing the end of the world to Were and human alike or sacrificing a piece of herself to keep it from happening. Will she be able to forgive herself for her actions? Will her family be able to forgive her? The third installment in this Paranormal Romance series is chuck full of werewolf lovin’, magic, action and tear jerking situations.

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