Siofra’s Song:Book 1 in the Broadus Supernatural Society Series

Siofra’s Song is the first book in my Broadus Supernatural Society Series. It centers around half-breed telepathic werewolf Siofra O’Hana, a 25 year old memeber of the Clover Pack of Buffalo, NY. The world knows of the existance of pretty much every kind of supernatural being and they are treated the same as humans.
Siofra suffers the loss of her high school sweetheart on the eve of finding out she is pregnant. Two months after, with the blessing of her father, Alpha of the Clover Pack, she leaves Buffalo, bound to find a place in this world for her and her baby.
Along her journey she makes friends with werewolves, vampires, witches and other were-animals. After almost being forced to give her unborn baby up for adoption by her older brothers human wife, Siofra breaks down in the small town of Broadus, Montana.
A year later,Siofra is content with her life. She finds love in Conall Johnson, son of the Alpha of the Broadus Big Sky Pack, and her son is healthy. When two evil people return from the ashes to try and ruin Siofra’s life, her new found Pack and family must rally together to save her and themselves.
You can download it below from

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