Day 1 of Release Week Celebration: Photo Quote Contest

Okay people! Release week for I Never Asked You To Save Me is upon us! Who else is excited? As the previous two posts have mentioned the prizes for this week long celebration, I will post the contests on here.
Day 1 & 2 (6/17 & 6/18)
Photo Quote Contest
The object of this contest is to put your favorite quote (you can do more than one) from Two Weeks With a SEAL or Coming Home over a picture that goes along with it.
These are examples I have made from I Never Asked You To Save Me:




As I said you can do as many as you would like and post them on the event page on Facebook,, or email them to me at The winner will be picked by 10pm EST on Tuesday and will win the green messenger bag, a necklace and silicone bracelets. 2nd place will get a necklace and bracelets.

Please, be creative! I’m looking forward to what you all will send me! You have until 10pm EST on Tuesday to send in your photo quotes!

Good luck!



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