Leave your Comments for my Giveaway here!

So if you could go back in time to any period/historical event, which would it be and why? My choice is a toss up between Ancient Roman times and The Old West. Both just because I would love to experience the world during those times. Leave your comments below and I look forward to seeing what you guys say!


15 thoughts on “Leave your Comments for my Giveaway here!

  1. I would say the old west because I would like to fall passionately in love with a handsome cowboy who would sweep me off my feet on his horse and put me on the back and ride away in the sunset!

  2. Kahliah Kilrain says:

    I would love to live in the “Little House on the Prairie” kind of times. I just hate the direction the world is going & I feel like that time was a simpler way. Everyone knew the concept of hard work and families were always important, 2 things that I believe most the world are forgetting. I think it would be great to live in a time like that!

  3. Sharon says:

    I would want to go back to around the 1800s. The life was hard but at the same time not as many worries as the world today.

  4. Oh, man I’m going to sound so shallow… but the 1940’s JUST for the fashion. I’m not exactly a fashionista and would normally be more curious about the technology in the future and whatnot, but going back that’s the only time that comes to mind, they were all so elegant…

    • That’s a good choice. Vintage style is always nice, only set back I would’ve see is that they wore a lot of pieces. It probably took forever to get dressed lol, but the styles are better than a lot I see working retail now!

  5. Crystal Sworden says:

    Ancient Roman, Viking Era, or Midevil times since I could see myself enjoying any of those time periods, since they fascinate me.

  6. Jackie says:

    I would have to say the old west well except for not having use of hot shower *~*. I like the clothing and who does not love a cowboy.

    • That is one of the hang ups of the early eras. That and having to deal with our monthly ‘gift’. When I was little I always use to tell my mom I’d time travel, but take a lifetimes supply of tampons with me. I know I know, tmi, but it’s what I always thought of as a hang back to time travel….

  7. Marie says:

    The Victorian Era. I really love British history and am particularly fascinated with the style and etiquette of that era.

  8. Candi says:

    I would have to say early 1920’s I loved their style and I would love to be a flapper girl. Haha! So much was better then.

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