Cover Reveal and short snippet from Book 3 in The Wakefield Romance Series!

Cover Reveal and short snippet from Book 3 in The Wakefield Romance Series!

Here is the cover for Book 3! I am very proud of it. I have just started to write it, but am so excited that I am going to share a very short snippet from Ellie with you all. Here goes,

There he is and he takes my breath away almost automatically. His tall lean figure is framed perfectly in jeans and a tight t-shirt with a flannel over top and a hooded sweatshirt, unzipped to seemingly showcase his torso just for me. His short dirty blonde hair is under a brimmed knit hat, cocked to the side and he’s propped up against the back of Chad’s Silverado with the tail gate down. His hazel eyes spot me and a perfect smile caresses his freckle dotted face, making my heart stop.

I waggle my fingers at him and immediately kick myself silently, smiling back at him as I head over to Rhea to hand over her son. I feel so stupid. I feel like a school girl again. It scares the shit out of me.

I hope you all like the cover and am excited to read the next installment of The Wakefield Series!

56 thoughts on “Cover Reveal and short snippet from Book 3 in The Wakefield Romance Series!

  1. Jackie says:

    Oh My God!! I am so excited for this to finally come out. I was addicted to the first two. I couldn’t put them down. When does it actually come out?

    • Probably in May sometime. I’m working with a college friend who is in the Navy and he comes home in May, so I want to absorb as much from him as I can before I actually put Book 3 out there.

      • Jo Hunter says:

        Absolutely loved the first two books and cannot wait for #3. I’ll be watching closely for it in May. Do you have any plans for anymore of the friends/Seals to have their story? I sure hope so. That way we can keep up with all of them and how their lives are doing. I would like to see Rhea and Chad having more children that he is there for during the entire pregnancy/birth along with Reno and Rosa. Just a thought.

      • I kind of go book to book, not really knowing how the story will unfold until it does, but I do know there will be a book 4.

  2. Pam says:

    Please send me a email at As soon as you can with a release date. I LOVED the other two books in this series I went threw a large box of tissues and laughed just as hard. Love friendship can prevail so please let me know about book three thank you.

  3. Pam says:

    Love the short takes from the book. Covers not bad may be him in his uniform Her sitting with that dreamy look in her eyes while they are on chads and rhea deck. Or around a fire pit. Please hurry with this book thank you

  4. maria cabrera says:

    I just read both books this past week. I was totally hooked and now i cant wait for the next one to come out. I am very much looking forward to your next book, my only suggestion is PUT MORE OF THE LOVE SCENES IN.

  5. Ty says:

    Hi I am reading the second book dies rhea die in it is the 3rd one going to be about them I hope so that what got me so hooked on it

  6. Ashley says:

    I read both your books in about five hours last night! (I’m a fast reader and couldn’t put them down) haha! I must say you’re now in my top three favorite romance novel writers! (Along with Nora Roberts and Nicholas sparks!) I will be reading all of your books in the next week and absolutely can not wait for the third one in this series! You are an amazing talented writer, keep up the good work:)

  7. Dawn says:

    Absolutely loved book 1 and 2. Could not put it down. Can’t wait for book 3

  8. Joanne Tilley says:

    When will book 3 be available on Amazon

  9. Courtney says:

    I love the first 2 books so much! Could not put them down. Such a good read. So excited for the 3rd book. Will it be available on iBook?

  10. deb ford says:

    oh i cant wait luved bth books so much xx

  11. Future_Dr_Wilson says:

    This is the first series that’s ever brought so much emotion to me! Every line I read, every picture I saw, just brought so much emotion to my heart! I got to think is it really like this for military families out there? TV makes it look so simple! I absolutely loved Rhea and Chad! I hope Ellie Mae finds what she’s looking for with Timmons!

  12. Diane moore says:

    Just finished reading books 1&2 and cannot wait for book 3. I would highly recommend you as an excellent author.

  13. samantha says:

    I want book 3!!!!!!

  14. Sherri Weimern says:

    I loved the first two books that I have read them twice waiting for the third book to come out in May sometime.

  15. michelle says:

    any update yet on when book #3 will be available??? :-)

  16. jo says:

    Just finished reading book 1 & 2 loved them laughed and cried a lot well done theresa im an emotional wreck cant wait for book 3 to come out x

  17. Tiffany says:

    I read both books in one day or better yet over several hours! Loved them can’t wait until June 23rd.

  18. KIm says:

    I loved both books. It is going to be hard to wait for the 3rd. I just read both books back to back. I have to say the suspense is killing me. I love your books. I will try some of your other series.

  19. Sasi says:

    I read the 1st book last week and soon falling madly in love with Rhea & Chad, 2nd book made me even more excited & now I can’t wait for the 3rd book!!! You’re my favorite author now ^^

  20. Mary says:

    Today is the release date but I can’t find the book. When will it be out?

  21. Christina says:

    When will it be on amazon?

  22. Doris says:

    I have read all 3 books and I am looking forward to book 4. I have to know what happens between Bobby and Ellie Mae. I was hoping for a good beat down for Jake, but getting shot was even better. People who have trauma in their lives have a hard time trusting and accepting love. Great story, a must read.

  23. Christina says:

    Just got done with book 3 can’t wait for book 4!!!!!

  24. RCWilks says:

    Just read book three and I may hate you just a little (but only because I hate waiting for book 4)… so when is it coming out?

  25. Navygirl says:

    when is book 4 expected to be released?

  26. vickie says:

    Loved all 3 books. Can’t wait for book 4. You know how to write good books. Esp the Wakefield series.

  27. Jamie Rogers says:

    So I have read all 3 books in about a week and that is a feat in itself with 2 small children at home. The books are great and I could not put them down – I have to say you are my top author now!! I cannot wait for book 4 – Move it up your list PLEASE!!!! I guess I will just have to read your other books while i wait…………

  28. Rebecca says:

    I have to say , I love reading books with suspense and thrill and romance you put all three in there. I could not put the book down. I had to buy the next book after the other one, I’m so looking forward to your 4th book in the series . I sure hope you make one for all the seals on there team and maybe when there kids get older. I love your writing and how well you research and put it together. thank you for a great book to read.

  29. elliemadz says:

    Argh! Just finished #3 and I couldn’t believe it ended like that!!! (Sigh…okay, okay, more like a growl) You must have a teeny-weeny meanie bone in your otherwise romantic body. But since you obviously named Ellie after me, I forgive you :-) Looking forward to reading #4 but not too thrilled about the wait. Did I mention I’m not too thrilled about the wait? Yeah? Okay then, my work here is done…but not yours! Write, woman, write! Pretty please with whipped cream and cherry on top?

  30. Have you got a date for book 4? sooo excited! and a title maybe? xx

  31. Melissa Shelton says:

    Oh my goodness, book three was wonderful. Please tell me when book four will be released.

  32. Leslie Woods says:

    How many books are you planning to be in the series total ?

  33. Haley says:

    when Is the fourth book coming out??

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