Hey-Hey :-)

Hey all!

Thanks for all the feedback, I’m loving it! I appreciate all of it. Just so you guys know, I publish at Smashwords, they then send it to distributors such as Barnes and Noble, iTunes, Sony, Kobo, etc. Once I’ve published the book, it can take anywhere from a week to two or three for it to show up at the other distributors. I have no control over how fast the book gets to apps such as iTunes, it’s just a sit and wait kind of thing.

Also, Coming Home will be free when it first comes out, but I will be changing it to a $.99 charge, because well lets face it, I’m a poor blue collar woman. I have bills to pay 🙂 as do all of you, so I appreciate you taking your time to read my work. I love to read all of your feedback. It makes all of the work I’ve put in worth it, so keep it coming!

Also, I’m already working out an outline for a 3rd book. It will have Rhea and Chad, but not as main characters. The focus points of this one will be SEAL Team Member, Bobby Timmons, and Rhea’s cousin, Ellie, who you will be introduced to in Coming Home. (!!!! I Love her, she’s going to be fun to work on). If you’re on my Facebook Author page, you’ve already probably listened to the song for Timmons, written by my awesome friends, Mike Marlinski and Steve Surprenant. If you haven’t, DO IT NOW! They are awesome, Metal magicians. I have no idea when this edition to The Wakefield Romance Series will be done, so be patient.

Also, I’m still working on the 4th installment in The Broadus Supernatural Society Series, Siofra’s Fight, and will post more about that when it’s close to being ready. If you guys haven’t checked out that series, please do. They are a little more graphic, with adult situations, so please be warned if you don’t like reading that kind of thing. Werewolves are close to my heart, so they are pretty special.

If you guys can find me, follow me on Pnterest. TMarguerite, or Theresa Marguerite, I’m not sure how to look someone up on there, lol. I post pics that inspire and represent characters, situations, places, etc, in all of my books, and some Randomness. Sometimes I get carried away. Follow me on Twitter as well, @TMarguerite, I’m happy to have new followers and I follow back.

Thanks for reading my rambling!

As always, stay weird, stay cool and stay safe!



One thought on “Hey-Hey :-)

  1. elibear1021 says:

    I can not wait for Homecoming to come out only 11 days left!!! Very excited to meet this new character Ellie as she shares my awesome nickname and to she how she snags Timmons in book 3. Aww Timmons is finally going to become love sick and grow up. There is no way that Rhea and Chad will not be together in the end because they have loved each other their whole lives. In terms of charging you put alot of your own free time into your books and there is no reason you should not charge, you books are not some short rip off book that is way over priced $.99 is nothing.

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