Siofra’s Change: Book 3 The Broadus Supernatural Society Series is out NOW!!

Siofra's Change Cover2

Book 3 in my Paranormal Romance series is out and available for download on Smashwords for FREE!!!!

Werewolf couple ,Conall and Siofra, were happy in their secluded Montana town, but a Christmas Eve car crash changes it all. Six months later as Siofra is still dealing with the tragedy an ancient evil that was set loose by a revenge seeking wolf seeks her out. Cast into the dark Pryor Mountains, Siofra has to come face to face with those she thought she had killed, Bronton and his siblings. As the Elvin Prince holds her captive, Siofra discovers a heart shattering circumstance added to her situation. Faced with bringing the end of the world upon Were and humans alike, can Siofra make the ultimate sacrifice to stop it? Will her family forgive her?
The third installment of my series is filled with revenge seeking werewolves, hot and steamy neck biting and one tearful decision that will have you on the edge of your seat.
Please don’t forget to check out Book 1: Siofra’s Song and Book 2: Siofra’s Nightmare, also available on Smashwords.


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