Book 2 Cover Reveal!!!

HERE IT IS!!!!!!!!!!!!   Tah Dah!!!!!

I am very proud of it!

Tell me what you think, what does it make you think about Book 2 just by seeing this? I’m planning on releasing it after I see that Siofra’s Song is available on Barnes and Nobles, I see that it’s listed in the Sony store so that’s cool. I can google myself and my book pops up which is also awesome.

So thank you for your support!!!!

Hope you like the cover as much as I do and I hope your excited for Book 2 of The Broadus Supernatural Society Series!!!!

Peace out homies!!!


Title for Book 2 has been settled!!!!!

Book 2 in the Broadus Supernatural Society Series is on its way and I have settled on a title!

Drum rolls please….


Siofra’s Nightmare

Book Two in the Broadus Supernatural Society Series

Yaaaayyyyyyyyyy lol

I’m super excited to put this one out, it brings alot of other supernatural creatures into Siofra’s world.

The next post I should put up should be the cover design, I’m still waiting for something to really strike me as perfect. I thinkI have something, but I don’t want to do it and then find something else that would be awesome. So be patient! That’s all for now.

Peace out girl scouts!




I like the Dark Realm in Book 3… so far…

I’ve been spending a lot of time in the dark realm in book three so far, and its been fun. It’s a lot different from anything I’ve put in so far, so its like taking a strange vacation. Well retail calls me back for another eight hour day today, closing no less which I hate. So I share this pic with you.
The Dark side can be fun too.


Book 2 may be on the way soon!

My friend and editor has finished reviewing book 2. So it may be ready soon. Exciting! Ah well i had a great dinner of popcorn n wine, writing some more for book 3.
Once i get the notes from my friend/editor i might settle on a cover design n post it here, so be on the lookout.
Alrighty, have a great night.
Im blowing this popsicle stand.

Work work and more work….

These 8 1/2 hour days are killing me!!!!

Work still continues on editing Book 2 in the Broadus Supernatural Society Series. I’m in the process of writing Book 3 and its frustrating. Oh well.

Relaxing with some television before another long day tomorrow at the wonderful world of retail! Yay me.

Check ya later,